“Walk a mile in my shoes”

The Centre for Lipedema in Beverwijk aims to inform, guide and treat patients who suffer

from this condition. The Centre is part of the department of Dermatology at the Red Cross

Hospital Beverwijk. Until now there has not been much attention for this condition. The first

scientific publications date from 1940, now 75 years ago, in which Allen and Hines describe

this condition. Very often women suffering from lipedema are not heard, understood,

believed or ill advised. And actually that is sad.

Fortunately, in recent years there has become more attention for this severely

underestimated condition that affects a large number of women. Increasingly more

information can be found on the Internet. Patient associations have been founded, looking

after these patients’ interests. Recently, on May 30 th 2015, there was a national lipedema

day where information in the broadest sense of the word was provided.

Although there were hardly any possibilities to treat lipedema in the past, this has changed

over the past 10-15 years. There is more attention for this condition and more therapeutic

possibilities have become available.